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Best Bass Lakes 25 Best Bass Lakes: Northeast

This is a followup on the top 10 Best Bass Lakes posted earlier by Bassmaster, found here.


Lake Erie wins as top bass lake.  No surprise there.  Read about Lake Erie and all the other 24 here.


The Smallmouth Bass

A great article by iBass360.  


Tbass5he Smallmouth Bass, considered a native species, is known by many names- smallie, bronzeback, brownie, brown bass- and by the Latin name is micropterus dolomieu.  I prefer to think of it as micropterusaraptor- an agile hunter dangerous to all its prey. Unlike it’s bigger, greener cousin the Largemouth, which I call micropterusrex, the Smallie is more trout–like, preferring clean, cooler rivers and lakes and feeding more on insects, baitfish, and crayfish than frogs, lizards and rats. The original range of the smallmouth included the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Seaway drainages, stretching from southern Quebec and New Hampshire to North Dakota, as well as the Mississippi River drainage as far south as Alabama. There were also native populations in the lower Hudson Bay basin. Smallmouth have been further distributed throughout the Great Lakes watershed and southward into the Ohio and Tennessee River systems. Glacial outlets likely gave the Smallie a natural connection to the Great Lakes from the Mississippi Valley.

In 1825, the Erie Canal provided access to the Hudson Valley. In 1901, the Ontario Department of Game and Fisheriesbass began stocking considerable numbers of adult bass. In 1903, 400 were shipped to Long Lake in the vicinity of the Lake of the Woods. Years later the dam at the foot of Long Lake was destroyed by fire giving the species easy access to Lake of the Woods from which it spread throughout much of western Ontario and the boundary waters of upper Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Through subsequent natural migrations and stockings, famous smallie waterways such as the Delaware, Susquehanna, Potomac, Shenandoah and New Rivers were populated as well as many lakes and streams across the Northeast, New England and upper Midwest. Smallies have also been introduced in the Northwest and California. Their reputation as a hardy game fish put smallmouths in demand around the globe. In 1873, they were introduced in Belgium, the first international stocking. Since then, populations have been established in South Africa, Scandinavia, the British Isles, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Mexico, Belize, Austria, Slovakia, Vietnam, Guam, Fiji, and even Hawaii.

bass3There are some basic distinctive characteristics of the smallmouth. It has a brown to bronze coloration which is affected in intensity by the structure to which the fish is relating. That structure also has an effect on the often very distinctive vertical bar pattern on the fish. Smallies often have bronze streaks on the cheeks and red eyes or a red ring around the pupil of the eyes. The smallmouth bass derives its name from the fact that the rear end of the lower jaw does not extend past its eye, while that of a largemouth does. Smallmouth have two dorsal fins, and. as typical of members of the sunfish family a part of the fins are spiny and a part are softer.

A river smallie is going to be lean and acrobatic. A lake smallie will resemble dc3s.jpg A smallmouth bass jumps at boatside during a fishing trip in Door County.a football fullback- imagine a Franco Harris, John Riggins or Larry Csonka on the end of your line! Either way, you are in for an exciting fight, a fight that, pound for pound, many say is without equal in the fishing world. Just as in tarpon fishing, anglers must often bow to the master, keeping rod tip low, to successfully land the smallmouth. Smallies are a great game fish for young and old alike. They are typically considered catch and release fish, which for most bass anglers is just fine considering how hard they fight for the right to survive. Some favorite techniques for fishing them include drop shot soft plastics, jerk baits, lipless crank baits, square-billed cranks, dragging tubes, spinner baits and top water baits.

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New Sponsor for the 2016 Canadian Tire Lake Erie Open


The St.Catharines Bassmasters are ecstatic to announce that Fishbum Outfitters will be joining us by sponsoring the 2016 Canadian Tire Lake Erie Open!!!

We are working with Fishbum Outfitters on producing Canadian Tire Lake Erie Open Bass Tournament promo Tees. The Tees will also be supporting the Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charity (helping give kids a sporting chance).

“Who is FISHBUM ®? Well, the short answer. We are a bunch of like minded entrepreneurs who couldn’t stop thinking about fishing! We came from all walks of the business world, where one thing remained in common – it didn’t matter WHERE we worked, all our time was consumed with thinking about fishing. When we should have been thinking about what our CEO’s were saying in a Thursday board meeting – our minds were drifting away to some river or lake pondering if we should throw top water or rig up a drop-shot setup.
It wasn’t long before we realized the only way we could ever get to actually work in the fishing industry, was to walk away from our cushy jobs and risk everything. Sure, it wasn’t exactly EASY telling our wives, and loved ones that we had quit our jobs to open up a fishing clothing company … and when we say “it wasn’t easy” what we REALLY mean is you have no IDEA how hard it is to dodge a toaster while trying to explain your vision to someone. BUT as time went on, our dedication to the cause prevailed. One customer lead to two, two lead to three, and so on and so forth.
Today, FISHBUM ® remains strongly at the forefront of the fishing apparel business. Constantly pushing boundaries, we continue to try and re-invent, not only the business – but ourselves in a continued effort to remain visionaries.
We also thank GOD our wives and girlfriends had the compassion to not throw us all out when we came to them with this idea. So really, we owe it all to them!
– Team FISHBUM ®”


9.5-pound Smallmouth Bass Caught in Idaho


Kelly’s catch just barely missed the current 9.72-pound state record caught in 2006 by Dan Steigers. Either way, it’s a catch he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

Weedless Shad

I like fishing weeds and am more of a Largemouth bass fisherman than Smallmouth.  More of a hunter of fish I guess.  Hence, weeds are bound to get in the way of finding those largies.  This is not a new lure on the market but one that I haven’t actually tried yet.  Perhaps soon, only three rather long months to go :

A totally unique body design combined with a wire-guarded VMC® single hook on the back creates the first truly weedless hard bait. A hard paddle tail gives the lure a wobbling, tail-kicking action with very low resistance. Swims effortlessly through weeds without snagging or picking up trash. When allowed to drop on a tight line, the lure swims slowly down, drawing in bites.

Do’s and Don’ts of Tournament Competition


I strived to be aware of my decisions on the water — both good and bad — to figure out what worked and what didn’t for me on the Elite Series. While I learned to repeat the good decisions that led to strong finishes, I didn’t pay close enough attention to the bad ones. Often, I waited until after the tournament — or worse, the season — ended to reflect back on my poor decisions.

By then, it was too late.

If I had learned to spot and correct my mistakes daily, I might still be competing on the Bassmaster Elite Series.

Here are my do’s and don’ts for competing at the highest level of the sport.

Head on over here for the list

FLW Canadians Off To Hot Start



2016 could not look any more promising for all Canadians associated with FLW and FLW Canada.

Eight Canadian anglers took part in the seasons first FLW tour event on Lake Okeechobee this week in Clewiston Florida and wow did they show up! 

What Kind Of Bass Fisherman Are You



“The Sportsman” – Most easily identified by the seventy-five different bumper stickers on the back of his new lifted F-150.  He’s got all the gizmos and gadgets—Powerpole? You betcha.  He camped out in front of Bass Pro to get the new Humminbird side-imaging system.  For a while he tried to make some “side-income” bassing professionally in club tournaments until he realized it’s very tough to turn a profit by tournament fishing.

“The Newbie” – We’ve all been here.  This guy asks you why you aren’t casting out into the deepest part of the lake.  How did we all not know the deepest part of a lake is the best place to fish?  Newbies think bass fishing is like the brainless “sit-and-wait-powerbait” trout fishing they do on the occasional weekend.  These guys usually get attracted to the sport via a friend or FLW tournament on ESPN.  They’ll try bassing for a few weeks with little success.  Finally they give up and retire back to yard work on the weekend mornings.

11 more types found here

P.S., I’m “The Banker”.


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