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Best Bass Lakes 25 Best Bass Lakes: Northeast

This is a followup on the top 10 Best Bass Lakes posted earlier by Bassmaster, found here.


Lake Erie wins as top bass lake.  No surprise there.  Read about Lake Erie and all the other 24 here.


Liquid Mountains

I’ve been away at a fishing, golfing, euchre tournament and so, posting has been non-existent.  Hopefully this makes up for it.  These pics from Dave Sandford, a professional photographer for 18 years, are kinda neat :




You can find more of them here 


Lake Erie – Early June Report

This is from a Facebook post from Canadian Tire Fishing, run by Jason Clay I believe.  I don’t have permission to post pictures but there are some very nice looking fish caught in New York waters.  Link to the Facebook page is shown below.    

It seems spring has come and gone with the scorching temperatures this past week. This heat has Lake Erie’s water temperatures raising quickly into the mid 60’s and fishing has changed accordingly. This relatively long and calm spring season has led to an increase in pressure on the NYS smallmouth bass trophy season. This extra pressure from anglers is definitely having an impact of fishing success . Many anglers working the traditional spring areas are having slower than normal days, while others have been cashing in on good numbers and size when they locate more remote areas with unpressured fish.

Traditional areas holding bass are along the many transitions along the WNY shoreline where the bottom composition changes from mud to rock, or any of the possible combinations. One often overlooked feature this time of year is some of the main lake ledges and humps that feature sharp drop offs. Add in a bottom composition change and it makes the feature even more appealing to a multitude of species.

This particular day found fish stacked on a ledge that went for 200’ or more. If you moved on top, or too far off the edge there was very few fish to be had. Calm days allow for precise boat control to follow the contour and stay in the hot zones. The photo shows at least 8 fish stacked on the sonar, while the side imaging shows the edge of the drop and transition of the bottom. Using side imaging even when moving slowly helps you to identify the edge and stay right on top of it.

We worked this spot utilizing a one two punch. I worked the ledge in front of the boat casting jigging spoons or blade baits while my partner used a drop shot to get the ones appearing on the sonar directly below the boat. Both produced some fast action and multi-species with Smallies and Walleye in the mix.

Gear used was the G-Loomis NRX Shakey Head rod paired with Sustain 2500 and 10lb power pro Super 8 slick and 14lbs Sunline Super Sniper Fluorocarbon. The Shakey head rod has the perfect balance and power for jigging spoons up too 1oz and Super 8 Slick allows for extra long casts. Drop shot rig consisted of Shimano Zodias med-light paired with the Ci4+ and 6lbs sunline fluorocarbon and a ½oz ultra tungsten round weight. The Jackall crosstail shad and Set the Hook drop shot minnow both took equal numbers of fish.

Something worth exploring your next time on the water!

Jackall Lures
Set The Hook Baits
Fish Shimano
Fish G.Loomis
Ultra Tungsten
Freedom Tackle Corp.
Power Pro



Be Wary of Lake Erie

This is a couple days old but the warning is still worth putting up :


Four people rescued after several boats sink in Fort Erie


Four people have been rescued after two boats sank in Lake Erie.

An official at the Joint Rescue Co-ordination Centre at CFB Trenton says two calls came in early Monday morning.

One concerned a 12-metre power boat, with three occupants, that sank near Long Point, and the second an 11-metre sailboat that was taking on water off Point Abino, in the Port Colborne area.

A United States Coast Guard helicopter and a Canadian Coast Guard cutter rescued the three people from the power boat, who were in the water.

A US Coast Guard cutter pulled to safety the man from the sailboat, who was in his life-raft.

ll of those rescued were reported to be in good condition.

Lake Erie Committee Announces Walleye and Yellow Perch Harvest Levels for 2015

The binational Lake Erie Committee, comprising fishery managers from Michigan, New York, Ohio, Ontario, and Pennsylvania, today recommended to a total allowable catch (TAC) of 4.937 million walleye and 9.208 million pounds of yellow perch for 2016. (Walleye are allocated by number of fish; yellow perch are allocated in pounds.) These TAC recommendations represent an increase in allowable catch for walleye from 4.114 million fish last year and a decrease in yellow perch from 10.528 million fish.

The Lake Erie Committee’s TAC recommendations are reflective of the status of Lake Erie’s fish populations and take into account the goal of consistent harvest from year to year. The individual provincial and state governments adhere to and implement the TAC recommendations in accordance with their respective regulations and management objectives.

TAC recommendations are produced after extensive lakewide biological assessments, analysis, discussions, and consultations with stakeholders. A central mechanism to discuss walleye and yellow perch management in Lake Erie is called the Lake Erie Percid Management Advisory Group, or LEPMAG. Through this process, stakeholder input directly informs the development of harvest strategies.

Read the rest here

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